Our Features

Unlimited Subscribers

You can have millions of contacts, subscribers!

Unlimited Campaigns

Send as many Campaigns you like to your subscribers!

Scheduling E-mails

end your emails and social posts immediately, or schedule for later.

Unlimited Image Hosting

Just upload your images and use them for your template.

Export Contacts

Export all your subscribers just with one click.

Social Media Integration

Tweet, Facebook.. your e-mails with a single click and insert a Share widget into your e-mails

Import Contacts

Use a CSV, Text file or SQL file to import contacts.


Automatically deliver a series of emails to immediately engage new opt-in subscribers.

HTML Editor

Use our HTML editor our use built-in templates.

Open & Click Rate

See at a glance how well your e-mail performed.

Reports by Email

Get the final report by email when your campaign ends.

Automated bounceback handling

Bounces are automatically processed and "dead" e-mail addresses weeded out from your lists.

Newsletter archives

We keep track of anything you send.

Google Analytics Integration

Have your links automatically tagged for Google Analytics

No CC, no BCC

Everyone gets their own copy - they can't see who else is receiving the same e-mail


Don't lose your work - save it for later

Confirmed Opt-in

Require visitors to confirm their e-mail address when subscribing to your list


Get an instant overview on a world map or check country by country.

Forward to a Friend

Add a forward link to have your contacts spread the news virally to their peers


Send e-mails directly from your own website or application.